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Steven Gutierrez

Board Member since - 12/12

First Term - 12/12 - 12/14

Current Term Expires - 12/18

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  Public Safety Committee / Member

Other Roles:

President 2014


Steve Gutierrez and his lovely wife Connie found Mountain House in the Spring of 2004 following an extensive search for their new home. After looking at Mountain House’s Master Plan, the small-town setting, and the opportunity to contribute the exciting vision of Mountain House, the Gutierrez Family anchored down. Over the years, they have met so many kind and wonderful people who share the same dream and passion about Mountain House. This passion to live the dream in Mountain House was not discouraged by the 2008 Housing Market Crisis that swept our nation. The Gutierrez’ passion, commitment, and resolve to see Mountain House grow into a wonderful place are stronger than ever. Steve is the type of person who influences those around to overcome the challenges with viable solutions rather than dwell on the problem. For the past several years, Steve and Connie have been active volunteers with Lammersville School District, Mountain House’s youth sports, youth clubs, and educational programs.

Steve was born with a passion to serve his community, state, and country. A native from San Jose, California, Steve joined the United States Marine Corps in 1977 until 1984, when he transferred to U.S. Army and was commissioned to the rank of Second Lieutenant after completing Officer Candidate School (OCS). Steve moved up the ranks to Lieutenant Colonel and each promotion included the trust and responsibility bestowed upon him by the President of the United States to lead, train, and manages hundreds of soldiers to secure our Country’s liberty and freedom. Steve was called to active military duty beginning in 1991 for Desert Storm to 2007 for Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom involving multiple overseas deployments with the Special Operations Command, Pacific (SOCPAC). Steve served in highly vetted National Security assignments combating counter-insurgents and global terrorist networks. When Steve was not deployed in the military, he served the San Jose Police Department since 1985 and was assigned to several highly specialized units within investigations, intelligence, research development, budgeting, and crisis management. Steve retired from the San Jose Police Department in 2010 at the rank of sergeant leaving a legacy of projects he developed that are being used nationally among other police departments. Steve’s experience in public safety are well recognized throughout the State of California and he leads the Mountain House Public Safety Committee.

Steve is committed to serve Mountain House residents with the same level of passion, critical thinking, and analytical approach as he served in his past assignments. There are four goals for Steve to pursue within the next two years of his term. First, to recruit and hire a General Manager that is well suited in communication skills, education, experience, and possesses the leadership to move Mountain House forward into its planned vision. Second, to ensure our Board and CSD staff work to keep a balanced budget within the financial restraints. Third, to ensure our Master Plan and its commitments are followed. Fourth, to ensure we have policies and directives that are effectively administering all services to Mountain House residents and such services are accountable.

Steve looks forward to improve upon the outreach to our residents to serve on standing committees. Steve is a firm believer that the strength of a decision or action is in the strength of those who buy in to it. Steve is not a fan of any form the spin factor and subscribes to the principles of “keep it simple staff (KISS) and bottom line up front (BLUF).” These principles have served Steve well over the years in his law enforcement and military careers.

Points of Interest:

  • Possesses two graduate degrees in Emergency Management and Clinical Psychology.
  • Graduate of the Army and Air Force Command General Staff Colleges.   
  • Authored several articles and books in Criminal Investigations Techniques and Workplace Violence.
  • Recipient of the Distinguished Military Bronze Star under hostile/combat operations.    

As featured on the History Channel’s Come Home Alive: Paradise Lost-The Philippines, one of Steve’s mentionable missions was his participation with SOCPAC, Joint Task Force (JTF)-510 in the clandestine rescue operation of American citizens Gracia and Martin Burnham who were held hostages for over 18 months in the Southern Philippines by the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) associated to the Al Qaeda terrorist network.