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Mountain House Community Services District  is divided into 6 departments which are administered by the General Manager. The departments work collectively to provide the highest quality of service for Mountain House residents. Working together to provide the highest quality service involves careful planning and forethought which is why the MHCSD Administration lives by the words of its motto: "Do what's right; then, do it right."

General Manager's Office

Provides executive oversight and management of the MHCSD departments, develops and manages the budget.

Public Works

Designs and constructs public infrastructure and facilities, as well as develop construction standards.

Business Administration
Manages all financial and associated business functions for MHCSD.

Community Services

Oversees the community development and growth of MHCSD.

General Administration

Maintains the processes and procedures and provides overall general administration for the MHCSD.

Operations & Maintenance

Maintains public services such as utilities, parks, refuse and bike ways.