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Mountain House Community Services District (MHCSD) is a spectacular location for you and your family to thrive. Masterfully designed homes mixed with old fashioned values. An all inclusive, family oriented community that serves today’s vibrant and exhilarating lifestyle. In this bold new hometown, you will find yourself free from the fast pace of the city, while only a short drive away. Three existing villages boast an assortment of amenities that include state of the art schools. gorgeous parks, countless recreation choices and cutting edge technology. Here, sidewalks bring families, lifestyle and community together. Whatever you are looking for, Mountain House has something for you! For more information about Community Service Districts, visit the official website for the California Special Districts Association.
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Described by the Associated Press as the "First New Town of the Millennium," Mountain House reinterprets the golden American age, mixing familiar hometown elegance with ultramodern technology and environmental sensitivity. Located in the gateway to the San Francisco Bay Area, Mountain House conveniently sits in the picturesque west side of the San Joaquin Valley. Just 20 minutes from the East Bay and about an hour from San Francisco, Mountain House allows easy access to the rapidly expanding Bay Area.

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Mountain House uses a variety of innovative technologies to provide environmentally friendly services and amenities. For example, a computer controlled irrigation system senses rainfall and automatically shuts off sprinkler systems to conserve water. All homes are available with an electrical car outlet in the garage in order to promote environmentally friendly cars. Water meters use radio transmission technology to provide faster, more efficient meter readings. Traffic signals will be timed and monitored through a central hub to detect traffic flow and ease traffic congestion. These are just a few ways Mountain House uses technology to provide basic services for residents and conserve resources. Residents in Mountain House receive the best of both worlds: conveniences of a modern age, with a comforting and welcoming neighborhood feeling of the past.

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Though strategically located near the Bay Area and close to major freeways, Mountain House was designed not simply to be another commuter town, but to be a self-sufficient community offering employment, goods, services, and recreation all within its boundaries. Land use and circulation are designed to encourage walking, bicycling, and transit use in a highly landscaped, visually attractive community. It has a current population of approximately 10,000 (2010 census data) and is expected to grow to nearly 44,000. Mountain House was designed to maximize community benefits while minimizing adverse impacts on surrounding areas. With the influx of residents, businesses, and industrial areas, Mountain House ensured that people would be able to live, work, attend school and shop without having to drive outside the community, thus reducing traffic impacts.

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With state of the art schools, Mountain House demonstrates its dedication in providing opportunities to learn and relax in this family friendly community. Each community in Mountain House boasts a K-8 school with excellent educational facilities and top-notch equipment. Already ranked among the best in the county, these schools will be complemented by an all-new central high school and Delta Community College. In addition to a multitude of adult educational programs, parents will have access to their children’s school through a community-wide intranet.


Located at 250 E. Main St. the Mountain House Library houses over 20,000 books, as well as computer work stations. The library also features a children’s area and a wide variety of scheduled programs for all ages including Preschool Story Time and Family Story Time. For a complete listing of current and upcoming programs at the library, stop in and pick up a flyer or visit The Mountain House Branch Library website.

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